Exhibitions blockbusters 2019

This year is marked by the 500th anniversary of death of the Florentine genius Leonardo da Vinci. On that occasion the Parisian Louvre planned for this autumn the grandiose exhibition dedicated to the largest representative of the High Renaissance, which will present the best models of his art. Paintings will be temporarily borrowed from the British Royal collection and will serve as a retrospective of da Vinci’s life and artistic career.

 Venue: Louvre, Paris

Time: 24 October 2019 – 24 February 2020


Rijksmuseum has prepared a special project timed for 350th anniversary from the date of Rembrandt's death. The All the Rembrandts exhibition, where 22 paintings, 60 drawings and more than 300 etchings will be presented, aims to throw light on various aspects of life and art of the great Dutch. Organizers divided an exposition in two sections. The first part is about beginning of artist’s career, his self-portraits thanks to which he reached excellence as a portraitist. The second section is focused on his environment: family, friends and life encounters. Young Rembrandt mastered his skill, by drawing portraits of his mother, wife, acquaintances, actors, vagrants, poor s and all those who came across. It will also be possible to listen to lectures, seminars and visit various events at the exhibition.

 Venue: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Time: 15 February – 10 June 2019, 11 October 2019 – 19 January 2020


There is an exhibition "Bill Viola/Michelangelo: Life, Death, Rebirth" in London. For the first time Bill Viola - an artist working in video art genre, got to know a collection of drawings of Michelangelo in 2006 in the Windsor Castle and was struck by, how precisely he managed to show person’s emotional and spiritual conditions by portraying the body. The idea of exhibition – to show the harmony of two artists’ works, separated by five centuries, who in their works contemplate the foundations of human life. The expositions included 14 graphic works of Michelangelo and also his only sculpture in Great Britain – incomplete "Taddei Tondo" and 12 video installations of Bill of Viola, including "Tristan's Ascension" (“The Sound of a Mountain Under a Waterfall”) – the five-meter panel representing ascension of soul after death.

 Venue: Royal Academy of Arts

Time: 26 January – 31 March


National Gallery of Art in Washington is going to celebrate the 500th  anniversary of the birth of the late Renaissance Venetian painter Jacopo Robusti, who had a nickname Tintoretto (from Italian -  tintoretto – "little dyer"),  as he was a son of the fabrics dyer. Two museum blockbusters are planned: "Young Tintoretto" and "Tintoretto 1519–1594". 50 paintings brought to the USA straight from the homeland of the Venetian master will be exposed at the exhibitions. Plus, there are specific guides in Venice, indicating places where the events dedicated to Tintoretto will take place.

 Venue: National Gallery of Art, Washington

Time: 24 March – 7 July


This year the German school of architecture and design Bauhaus celebrates its 100th anniversary. And though the history of school is very short – it lasted only 14 years – it managed to make a revolution in design and to develop its own concept which is relevant until this day. The basis of the concept included "functionalism" – architects, having refused decorative elements, mostly paid attention to form, color and material, thereby having broken centuries-old tradition of architecture. The celebration of anniversary will be held under the motto “Creating a new world” (Die Welt neu denken). The program will include the scientific congresses, themed excursions and exhibitions, multimedia projects, theater festivals and so on.


Venue: different platforms in Germany, Russia, Japan, China, Morocco, Brazil, India, Nigeria and USA

Time: 31.01.2019 – 31.12.2019