15-16-17 February

On February 14th opens Baku House of Photography, where during two months will take place "Inner City" photo exhibition, dedicated to visual stories about life and history of the Icheri Sheher. Free entrance.

Venue: Boyuk Qala

Time: 15.02.19 – 14.04.19


This Friday will take place the International children's festival Winter which will discover to the audience young talents from our country and abroad. And we remind you that you can win the ticket, by bying the new issue of Nargis Magazine. Do not forget to try your luck!

Venue: Heydar Aliyev Palace

Time: 15 February, 19:00


Let's watch art setting of the play by Elchin Efendiyev "The Artist's Fate" about life and art of Huseyn Arablinsky, the first Azerbaijani film actor.

Venue: Russian Drama Theatre

Time: 15 February, 19:00


On Friday evening Fuad Akhundov will give a talk within the Germanaijan exhibition called "The German pages in Azerbaijani history". Free entrance, just do not forget to sign up in advance. 

Venue: Kirche (Church of the Savior)

Time: 15 February, 19:30


For the whole two days we will have an opportunity to listen to classical music performed by Uzeir Gadzhibekov State symphonic orchestra conducted by the American-Ukrainian maestro Hobart Earle.

Venue: Azerbaijan State Academic Philharmonic Hall

Time: 15 February, 19:00


 On Saturday evening we relax our soul and body by watching the ballet Giselle.

Venue: Azerbaijan State Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Time: 16 February, 19:00


For the first time in 25 years the Russian singer, producer and composer Maxim Fadeev is giving solo concerts again. He already prerformed in Moscow, and this Saturday we will meet the artist in Baku. Do not miss it!


Venue: Baku Congress Hall

Time: 16 February, 20:00


Little theater lovers will be able to meet with world's folk fairytale characters, to play with hosts in questions and answers, to participate in a play and to find out who are the "good" and the"bad" guys.

Venue: Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theatre 

Time: 17 February, 12:00


On Sunday it is worth watching the movie "Vincent van Gogh: A New Way of Seeing" which was prepared for the 125 anniversary of Van Gogh's death. This movie exhibition will show us the richest collection of works of the recognized paintbrush genius, offer interpretations of world's leading art critics and also tell us about the latest researches on works of the great painter.


Venue: Park Cinema, Flame Towers

Time:17 February, 13:00