Anastasiya Gizerskaya is a sportswoman, influencer and simply a beautiful lady. Her Instagram blog counts almost one million subscribers, following not only her fitness achievements but also her fashion looks.

Which phrase in Azerbaijani do you know?

Mən səni sevirəm. (I love you)

Your perfect look?

In different life situations I feel comfortable in absolutely different looks. I mostly prefer sport chic: something classy and comfy and the same time. By the way, I fell less comfortable in dresses.

Your main achievement?

Probably, this is my fitness project, one of the largest ones in Russia at the moment. We helped thousands of young girls to be fit, to be on a right diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Describe yourself in three words.

Honest, principled, positive!

What thoughts keep you from ordering a dessert?

The thought that this dessert won’t go anywhere, it’s not the last day and I will be able to come back and have this dessert in a week, if I, of course, hold myself all this time and deserve it.

Natural look or makeover?

Makeover but with a hint of naturalness. Everything should be in moderation.

Favorite Azerbaijani dish?

I don’t eat fatty food, that’s why I’m probably the only person who loses weight in Baku. I adore meat, chicken… by the way, you have the incredible chicken kebab in Baku. And I especially liked the spice “sumakh”, now I always add it.

Finish the phrase: “Nobody knows, that…

…when I’m not in the mood, a pack of Pringles can help me fix it”.

You make an influence to your Instagram followers, and who can influence the influencer’s opinion?

My opinion could be influenced only by my parents and people who are very close to me.  


Interview by Nigar Orujeva Photo by Parviz Gasimzade

Material was published in the 61st issue.