Old but Gold

The time when all the models were as if tailored to the same standard is inexorably coming to an end. Plus-size girls are increasingly appearing on magazine covers and photographic lenses. Plus-size girls are increasingly appearing on magazine covers and photographic lenses.


In 1949, Daphne Selfe began her modelling career and she continues it, proudly carrying the title of the eldest model of the world. Selfe, aged 91, gives courses for those who want to feel beautiful and to increase their self-confidence.  



Yasmina Rossi, having devoted most of her life to her family, decided to become a model at forty. Now, at the age of 64, she boasts not only natural beauty and modelling without any surgery, but also she has contracts with Marks & Spencer, YSL, Hermes and Jil Sander. 




"Retirement" word does not exist in the vocabulary of Maye Musk – a licensed nutritionist, a model with fifty years of experience and also the mother of  Elon Musk, head of Tesla company, Space X and PayPal. Not the glory of her son, but her persistence and tireless desire to work brought her contracts with the cosmetic brands Clinique, Revlon and CoverGirl, as well as with Virgin America. 


The life of the born Countess Vera Gottlieb Anna von Lendorf, better known as Veruschka, could be the material for an exciting film: childhood in a concentration camp, art education in Hamburg, modelling work in Florence, Paris, New York, the role of Michelangelo Antonioni (film “Blowup”, 1966), working with Salvador Dali... The 79-year-old tall blonde is still occasionally involved in fashion shows as a guest star... 



Isabella Rossellini – the daughter of Ingrid Bergman and director Roberto Rossellini – a brilliant career was planned for both the cinema and the catwalk, but who could know that it would be so long? At the age of forty, Isabella almost left the business: the cosmetic brand Lancome unexpectedly terminated the contract with her. Only when the model turned 65, the company changed its mind. Today, 66-year-old Rossellini publishes her Instagram photos without retouching on Instagram and promotes a healthy lifestyle. 



If “Oscars” were given out for successes in the modelling field, the American film actress Faye Dunaway would have two: she already has one – for the best female role in the psychological drama “Network” (1977). Not every 77 years old can star in an advertising video campaign for Gucci bags!

Illustrations: Marina Kulakova

Text: Nigar Orujova

Material was published in the 56th issue.