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Каково это – победить цунами?


Lost love, described in the book “Love Always. Petra", the famous model was able to replenish in the charity. Her "Happy Hearts Foundation" became a saving ticket to the future for many children. Last fall, Petra came to Baku and spoke with the Nargis magazine’s editor-in-chief, Ulviyya Mahmudova.
Тюркан Великолепная

Turkan The Gorgeous

"A soldier from the Turkish city of Seke wrote me letters for many years, even began to send letters with a scent – I knew by aroma that this letter was from him. So he wrote for many years, but... suddenly the letters stopped coming"
Мужчина, который смеется

The man who laughs

"Man is a funny and laughing animal,” said M. Chulkov. And indeed, we are the only species to which such an ability is given. A laughing man – homo ridens – is much more attractive than a person without a sense of humour, no matter how fantastic the external data is. And if he also knows how to laugh!.."
Обыкновенное чудо

A Simple miracle

Today Alla Verber is the vice-president of Mercury, fashion director and buyer of the Moscow Central Department Store. She was embarrassed by a terrible illness that suddenly caught on, but she knew that she was needed for her daughter and managed to gather her courage
Follow me to

Follow me to

More than one million people keep track of their trip around the world. 1,150,910 – this is the exact number of subscribers of the account @muradosmann in Instagram today, and the number of the #Followmeto project ("Follow me") project inevitably grows daily in a geometrical progression
Портрет из пазлов

Portrait from Puzzles

Just recently the film "Dukhless-1" victoriously went over the screens, and already with our breath hold, we watch the premiere of "Dukhless-2". The main reason is, of course, him – Danila Kozlovsky – the leading man, who won hearts of millions of spectators
Звездное либретто на двоих


They met at the beginning of 2014 in the Roman Opera, and in the summer of the same year, their engagement took place in Salzburg. The stars of the world opera stage, Yusif Eyvazov and Anna Netrebko, consider their union to be strong and indestructible...