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Во власти музыки и красоты

In the power of music and beauty

A superstar, a legend of several generations... During her many years of singing career, Ayse Ajda Pekkan released more than 20 albums with a total circulation of over 30 million, and as a film actress, she played about 50 roles. The singer continues to perform on the stage and act in bold photo shoots, competing in beauty with the first stars of the screen and show business

Garden of Eden: Sadhguru

Ironic Indian mystic and Yogi writes books, talks in parables, creates his own "Garden of Eden" and teaches fashion designers, businessmen, housewives, soldiers and prisoners with the equal amount of kindness. After all, the main thing for him is the man
Полпред русского стиля

The Ambassador of Russian Style

In the West the icon of Russian style, Ulyana Sergeyenko, is called a representative of the new Russian aristocracy, in whose works you can see the important link with so-called russian pack, some "powerful bitches" who are known to the world of the fashion. Ulyana tell us how she builds her working day that it serves as a source of inspiration and why her collections are so popular in the West

The king talks

Founder of the world famous jewelry houses, one of the most respected legislators in fashion jewelry Roberto Coin – about the new collection Sauvage Privé, responsible luxury and delight to give happiness