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Мужчина, который смеется

The man who laughs

"Man is a funny and laughing animal,” said M. Chulkov. And indeed, we are the only species to which such an ability is given. A laughing man – homo ridens – is much more attractive than a person without a sense of humour, no matter how fantastic the external data is. And if he also knows how to laugh!.."
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More than one million people keep track of their trip around the world. 1,150,910 – this is the exact number of subscribers of the account @muradosmann in Instagram today, and the number of the #Followmeto project ("Follow me") project inevitably grows daily in a geometrical progression
Портрет из пазлов

Portrait from Puzzles

Just recently the film "Dukhless-1" victoriously went over the screens, and already with our breath hold, we watch the premiere of "Dukhless-2". The main reason is, of course, him – Danila Kozlovsky – the leading man, who won hearts of millions of spectators

The king talks

Founder of the world famous jewelry houses, one of the most respected legislators in fashion jewelry Roberto Coin – about the new collection Sauvage Privé, responsible luxury and delight to give happiness
Модный риск

Модный риск

Эмилия Викстед родилась в Новой Зеландии, некоторое время жила в Милане, Лондоне и Нью-Йорке – словом, довольно долго путешествовала, прежде чем обосноваться в Лондоне и создать свой бренд
Право на легенду: Чингиз Абдуллаев

The right to a legend: Chingiz Abdullayev

Многие, наверное, помнят историю царя Мидаса, чье прикосновение все превращало в золото? У писателя Чингиза Абдуллаева другая особенность: все, к чему прикасается он, обречено на успех