Founders of the creative association "Yaradan" establish conditions for identification and development of abilities of children aged from 12 up to 16 years, including disabled children, from needy families, from boarding schools and shelters and also contribute to their adaptation in society
Непривлекательная сторона Victoria’s Secret

The “Unsexy” issue about Victoria’s Secret

If we had to name 3 main things that generally come to mind when speaking of Victoria’s Secret, it would be gorgeous models with long, airbrushed legs, seductive couture lingerie pieces and the grandiose wings. All this sounds wonderful for the fashion show of a lingerie brand, but is it what sexy stands for today?
Тот, кто рисует любовь

He, who paints love

"For several years I have been observing the warm art by Joseph Lorusso. He paints supposedly the life he has watched – in cafes, museums, and apartments of his characters"