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Бестселлеры: чем радует 2018-й?

Top bestsellers of 2018

Don’t worry, I don’t put the carriage before the horse, in my attempt to summarize "book" results of the year ahead of time. Simply, I am informing you on bestsellers of 2018, expecting you to read them and give a head start to your friends!
Преобразование Фрэнсиса Бэкона

The Transformation of Francis Bacon

The fund Fondazione Sorrento was established in 2016 with purpose to raise awareness about culture and artistic expressions and to strengthen local ecological, historical and artistic heritage. This summer he has been presenting the «Francis Bacon’s transformation» exhibition, which has integrated the works, presented by the artist to his friend Barry Joule.
Крепостные двери Баку

Old city gates

In the run-up to City days, each of us should identify the dearest and the unique place for the capital city. As they call it, “le point zero” in Paris - the island la Cite. Do we have such a point in Baku?
ЗЕЙНАБ ДЖАХАН: музей фотографии Хельмута Ньютона

ZEYNAB JAHAN: Helmut Newton Foundation

Today I hasten to inform news to real photography connoisseurs. Iconic actresses and fashion models from Elizabeth Taylor and Catherine Deneuve to Linda Evangelista and Cynthia Crawford were in focus of the hero of the day and I‘ll bet, you have already guessed right, this is about Helmut Newton!


One may plunge into the world of art not only by visiting museums, but also by participating at its cost formation, or to be more exact, at auction. Because it is a unique possibility to watch rare pictures and sculptures of favorite masters, frequently, namely of those artists, which are not presented for wide audience in state collections, and also to witness bringing “to the hammer” into the hands of famous collectors or private museums.
ЗЕЙНАБ ДЖАХАН: Gazelli Art House

ZEYNAB JAHAN: Gazelli Art House

Contemporary art gallery has already been open in Baku for inordinate length of time and to my shame, I learned about that just a couple of days ago while visiting new exhibition. If my reader has also missed this new "spot", then I will be pleased to inform him/her about all details of my last visit!