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Относятся ли предвзято к моделям плюс-сайз на показах?

Are catwalk shows discrimating curvy models?

In recent years we’ve been seeing plus-size models hired by big fashion and beauty companies and changing the way we look at modelling and fashion. In today’s article we will discuss how as the modern day women, we’ve been living in this illusion of how a woman should look like, and how that is changing, slowly but surely.
Рост популярности элитных теннисных туфель

The Wave of Luxury Sneakers

There was a time when someone said they are going to buy a pair of shoes from a luxury brand we would immediately imagine a sparkling, silky Cindrella heels in our minds. Perhaps this view is about to become very outdated due to the rise of luxury sneakers market.
Дамские сумочки из биологических лабораторий!

Handbags from Bio-labs!

If you’ve been keeping yourself up to date with what’s happening in the bioscience industry these days, you’ve probably heard of lab-grown organs, body parts and etc. But the big question was what would the alternative be for the future of multi-billion dollar luxury handbag sector?