Николай Цискаридзе. Первая звезда

Nikolai Tsiskaridze. The first star

"I ask each child a question: “Why does the myrtle branch break? Love? There is no love! He has a cross on his chest and a cross behind him, he is surrounded by Christianity, and she is from the other world.” It is a pity that the understanding of such subtleties is lost and works of art lose their value..."
Диалоги со скрипкой

Conversations with the Violin

What is it like to study at the age of twenty from Zakhar Bron himself, travel around Europe with concert programs, get an education in Zurich, then in Madrid and at the same time stay in the soul of a simple Azerbaijani guy? Elvin Ganiev himself will tell us about all this
В ЛИЦЕ ПЕРВОМ. Вюгар Мурадов

İn the first person. Vugar Muradov

Вюгар Мурадов не играет. Ни в скромность, ни в богемность, ни в эксцентричность художника. Он показывает фотографии, сделанные им на Баилово, и кажется, что это завораживающее Средиземноморье!
Говорит Баку

Baku speaking

YARAT opened a unique exhibition "Baku Speaking: 1900-1940" at the 20th-21st Century Azerbaijani Painting Museum
Огни большого города

Big city lights

The light changes familiar sights to an eye in a wonderful way so they, like fantastic transformers, reincarnate into magical installations