«Живопись» в Музее современного искусства

«Живопись» in the Museum of Modern Art

The exhibition entitled “ЖИВОПИСЬ” (“Painting”) takes place in the Museum of Modern Art, which united three very different but close to each other by spirit artists – Aida Mahmudova, Farid Rasulov and Niyaz Najafov
Ковры из Лувра в Баку

Carpets from Louvre in Baku

In the exhibition, which is open till 30 September, three carpets from the permanent collection of world-famous museum Louvre are demonstrated. They all are Azerbaijani carpets, woven in the 18th-20th centuries in Garabagh and Shirvan: Chelebi, Khanlig and Ajdahaly
Марсель Вандерс: Минимализму вопреки

Marcel Wanders: Despite the minimalism

Больше двадцати лет прошло с той поры, когда бельгиец Марсель Вандерс первым своим творением – Knottedchair, созданным для компании Cappellini, – возвестил новую эру в дизайне. Эру, в которой больше нет места сдержанности, рационализму, логике. Эру господства избыточности, игривости и откровенной провокации.
В фокусе идентичности

The focus of identity

"As if the time machine takes me to the period of young grandmothers and grandfathers, to the world of their youth where nobody rushes anywhere and the modern advantages like cellphones seem like a fantasy from a very distant future. Nevertheless authentic life keeps in itself all characteristic attributes of folk: a carpet, a wooden cradle for the baby, hot oven…"