Огни большого города

Big city lights

The light changes familiar sights to an eye in a wonderful way so they, like fantastic transformers, reincarnate into magical installations
Диалоги со скрипкой

Conversations with the Violin

What is it like to study at the age of twenty from Zakhar Bron himself, travel around Europe with concert programs, get an education in Zurich, then in Madrid and at the same time stay in the soul of a simple Azerbaijani guy? Elvin Ganiev himself will tell us about all this
«Живопись» в Музее современного искусства

«Живопись» in the Museum of Modern Art

The exhibition entitled “ЖИВОПИСЬ” (“Painting”) takes place in the Museum of Modern Art, which united three very different but close to each other by spirit artists – Aida Mahmudova, Farid Rasulov and Niyaz Najafov