Покоряя вершины

Conquering Peaks

Farid Novruzi has been to dozens of countries, raising the Azerbaijani flag at the conquered mountain peaks. He dared to take a dangerous trip to Antarctica, and the only continent where he hasn't set his foot yet is Australia
NARGIS x Dinamo Hotel

NARGIS x Dinamo Hotel

Главный редактор журнала Nargis Ульвия Махмудова встретилась с талантливым шеф-поваром отеля Dinamo Дэвидом Моттлом.


Her Instagram blog counts almost one million subscribers, following not only her fitness achievements but also her fashion looks
«Живопись» в Музее современного искусства

«Живопись» in the Museum of Modern Art

The exhibition entitled “ЖИВОПИСЬ” (“Painting”) takes place in the Museum of Modern Art, which united three very different but close to each other by spirit artists – Aida Mahmudova, Farid Rasulov and Niyaz Najafov
Формула чемпиона

Champion`s Formula

His story develops at the speed of a car, we all need a tele-rep: we didn’t have time to dry the paint on the fresh issue of Nargis with the five-time champion Lewis Hamilton on the cover – and on Sunday the 14th of July he won the royal race for the sixth time on the legendary Silverstone, setting a new record for the British Grand Prix!
Курс на Олимп

To the Olympus

His mother proudly talks about her son's new victory: on March 5 (Day of Physical Culture and Sports in Azerbaijan) at the open swimming championship dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Sumgayit, he competed with ordinary, healthy children and returned again with a victory!