Рамиз Абуталыбов: Свой среди чужих

Ramiz Abutalibov: Among Strangers

For many years he lived far from his native land, without breaking the umbilical cord with her for a moment, carefully collecting the lost pages of her history, giving the warmth and memory of their long lost homeland to the forced "defectors"

Everybody dance!

I have never been in India, but I really want to go visit this ancient country, the pearl of Asia! I think that everyone should do this once in a lifetime
Звездная вселенная NOVIKOV

Starry universe of NOVIKOV

His professional career began, as he himself says, “from the stove”: a culinary school, a job as a cook, and then a chef
Нить повествования


Once upon a time, there was a boy in the world, and his name was Galib – “Winner”. He was born in a small mountainous country, in a village called Garajala, a year after the end of the civil war. Like many in the 90s, he dreamed of moving to the capital
Love story, наркотики и рок-н-ролл

Love story, drugs and rock-n-roll

She and Kurt met after a concert. Bright, beautiful, sexy… and somehow having lost sight of each other: neither Courtney knew anything about Nirvana, nor he never heard of her


One December night in 1980 at Roosevelt hospital after a long but ineffective direct cardiac massage doctor Stephan Lynn glanced wearily at the clocks and fixed the time of death: 23 hours 7 minutes. Waiting spouse was brought the news. The woman fell down on the floor and went hysterical. Her name was Yoko. His was John.
Натали Портман – Superstar

Natalie Portman – Superstar

The taste of worldwide fame is familiar to her from 12 years, but she did not fall a victim of star dizziness even after quarter of the century of successful acting career