Once he was silent for ten years. Then announced the irrevocable departure from the cinema. But he did not keep his word – came back and delighted fans with new seasons of the legendary TV series "Twin Peaks"
Сэм Неистовый

Furious Sam

"I was 10 - 11 years old when mom showed me pictures of Van Gogh and I started painting like crazy. When I was 12, I painted eight hours every day. It was not easy for me to study in college: I used to work at night and sleep at noon"

Everything is stretchable!

Samira Vustafayeva is a world-class gymnast according to FIG. Represented the national team of Azerbaijan, and later was a member of Russian national team. After finishing sports career, Samira went into business – today she is the owner of popular chain of SM Stretching studios in Russian capital
Аида Махмудова

Aida Mahmudova

Aida Mahmudova is an artist who devoted herself to creating her own world through the prism of her works.
Лала Мирзаева

Lala Mirzayeva

How to prolong youth, always stay beautiful and to love your weaknesses? Today we are finding out secrets of being in a good mood and beauty-hacks from Lala Mirzoyeva
Самый быстрый пианист. Петер Бенце

The fastest fingers. Peter Bence

Peter Bence broke the Guinness World Record as the fastest pianist on the planet – 765 keystrokes a minute! The way he speaks can be compared to a good music: it is uncommon, discreet, but at the same time the words are full of sense