Обыкновенное чудо

An ordinary miracle

Once I was asked, what I feared most of all. I answered straight from the shoulder, though I never thought about it. However, I fear only of my essential element to change into a trivial one day!
Dolce & Gabbana: абайя мечты

Dolce & Gabbana: abaya dreams

Italian masters, Dolce and Gabbana’s elegant abaya, which are full of easy glamour, skillfully made in Italy from luxurious silk, combine caftan’s floating silhouette with feminized laces. Completed with exclusive heeled shoes, they look rather gracefully and will allow creating truly glamourous character.
Love is... 13 ФИЛЬМОВ О ЛЮБВИ

Love is...13 movies dedicated to love

One of the first cinema frames in the cinematograph history is a kiss scene in a moving photo of the inventor, Thomas Edison. This event laid the foundation to creation of a romance genre in international cinema. Aspiration to beauty and perfect moved and moves whole this process.
От слов к делу

From Something In Mind To Something In Kind

At the age of fifteen, Saida Muradova, native of Baku, moved together with her family to Europe. The art education in Sweden was ahead, then designer education was in France and the USA, Claire Mccardel Award for the best collection, and afterwards- long years of activity in fashion industry and her own business. However, Saida is not from those, who is satisfied on what is achieved. Today, by residing and working between Los-Angeles and New-York, she has created her own brand and knows exactly: namely, women will change this world. After all, they are able to realize everything!
Артисты с Дуная на шекинском фестивале Silkway

Артисты с Дуная на шекинском фестивале Silkway

Удивительная венгерская культура завораживала не одно поколение деятелей искусства. Ее самобытность, разнообразие и многогранность были представлены на фестивале Silkway в Шеки, а после и в Баку, где выступили музыканты и танцевальный ансамбль из Венгрии.
Вера = успех


Persons, determined to establish their own business, most commonly need not only a startup capital, but namely, an idea for business. One may find it, only if he/she searches his/her soul, understands what can exactly rekindle fire in his/her soul, give strength and lend credibility to herself/himself
Елизавета II: Бастион стабильности

Elizabeth II: Bastion of stability

Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II is longest ruling and the longest living monarch for all history of the Great Britain. On photos from archive of the queen it is easily possible to trace political and cultural history of the XX-th century. So, we offer you the interesting, unexpected and amusing facts about Her Majesty!

“KISS” by Gustav Klimt

It was not easy to paint this very picture, but the result was incredible, and surpassed all expectations. Undoubtedly, it is the most well-known painting by the artist. On World Kiss Day, 13 facts about Gustav Klimt and his “Kiss”.


Однажды он замолчал на целых десять лет. Затем объявил о бесповоротном уходе из кино. Но не сдержал слова – вернулся и порадовал поклонников новыми сезонами легендарного сериала «Твин Пикс».


Каково это, писать музыку для чужих историй? На Каннском фестивале этого года мы побеседовали с композитором немецкого происхождения Марселем Ваидом, создавшим музыку к более чем 70 фильмам, среди которых «Имя мне соль», «Собака», «Мужчины не лгут».