Обыкновенное чудо

A Simple miracle

Today Alla Verber is the vice-president of Mercury, fashion director and buyer of the Moscow Central Department Store. She was embarrassed by a terrible illness that suddenly caught on, but she knew that she was needed for her daughter and managed to gather her courage
Follow me to

Follow me to

More than one million people keep track of their trip around the world. 1,150,910 – this is the exact number of subscribers of the account @muradosmann in Instagram today, and the number of the #Followmeto project ("Follow me") project inevitably grows daily in a geometrical progression
В ожидании перемен

Waiting for a change

Last year, our neighbor and a longstanding ally, Georgia, handed over the reins to Salome Zourabichvili, electing her as its president. Madam President told Nargis about her path in politics, about her plans and hopes
История одного романа

Story of one novel

Elchin Afandiyev. Who did not hear this name! It is unlikely to find a person who haven't read the stories, novels by the truly national writer of Azerbaijan...
Театр в нашей жизни

Theatre in our life

"But here's the question: why we do this? What for we do our best, willing to show our potential and our talents? To leave some trace behind, to show that ‘we are here now, we were here‘?"
Dj Heyder

Dj Heyder

DJ Heyder is the first and currently the only artist in musical direction EDM, who has become recognizable abroad
Портрет из пазлов

Portrait from Puzzles

Just recently the film "Dukhless-1" victoriously went over the screens, and already with our breath hold, we watch the premiere of "Dukhless-2". The main reason is, of course, him – Danila Kozlovsky – the leading man, who won hearts of millions of spectators


Nargis magazine issue, devoted to the family theme, couldn’t simply do without mentioning Versace family. In addition, world-famous fashion house turns 40 this year. This is a family house in the truest sense of the word