Even in the recent past, we would know all the cosmonauts by their names. Flying into space has become a commonplace phenomenon, for the new generation there is nothing sublime or adventurous, it's just a scientific work, coupled with heavy physical exertion ...
Love is... 13 ФИЛЬМОВ О ЛЮБВИ

Love is...13 movies dedicated to love

One of the first cinema frames in the cinematograph history is a kiss scene in a moving photo of the inventor, Thomas Edison. This event laid the foundation to creation of a romance genre in international cinema. Aspiration to beauty and perfect moved and moves whole this process.

“KISS” by Gustav Klimt

It was not easy to paint this very picture, but the result was incredible, and surpassed all expectations. Undoubtedly, it is the most well-known painting by the artist. On World Kiss Day, 13 facts about Gustav Klimt and his “Kiss”.


Marina Abramovich is a Yugoslavian performance master. Her work studies relations between the artist and an audience, body limits and intellect possibilities. While actively engaged in creativity for more than five decades, she devoted herself entirely to the business, frequently at the risk of her life for the sake of art.