Самый быстрый пианист. Петер Бенце

The fastest fingers. Peter Bence

Peter Bence broke the Guinness World Record as the fastest pianist on the planet – 765 keystrokes a minute! The way he speaks can be compared to a good music: it is uncommon, discreet, but at the same time the words are full of sense
В ЛИЦЕ ПЕРВОМ. Вюгар Мурадов

İn the first person. Vugar Muradov

Вюгар Мурадов не играет. Ни в скромность, ни в богемность, ни в эксцентричность художника. Он показывает фотографии, сделанные им на Баилово, и кажется, что это завораживающее Средиземноморье!
Симфония вышивки ДОМА LESAGE

Symphony of Embroidery by Maison LESAGE

The brainchild of maestro Lesage today is headed by Hubert Barrere, a conversation with which has become for us a kind of excursion into the wonderful world of embroidery and those who create it
Артист мира

Artist for Peace

"We all dream about peace and quiet... But without work and new ideas this will be dead silence. That is the value of peace, because it comes after successful work as a deserved gift"
Азербайджанский прометей

Azerbaijani Prometheus

The extraordinary magnetism of this man influenced not only the course of amazing events in his life but also, without exaggeration, the fate of the whole world


Just imagine: It appears that common rainwater, uselessly pouring billions of liters all over the world every day, may serve, as an excellent source of electric energy! Namely, with this purpose two Baku schoolgirls, Reyhan Jamalova and Zahra Gasymzade invented the device with an expressive name "Rainergy"