Editor's Diary

Театр в нашей жизни

Theatre in our life

"But here's the question: why we do this? What for we do our best, willing to show our potential and our talents? To leave some trace behind, to show that ‘we are here now, we were here‘?"
Сладость ожидания

The sweetness of anticipation

Do you know what I noticed in myself during last month? That I love to create: decorate, build, construct lego etc. And the process of it is more important, interesting, exciting for me than the result...

Everybody dance!

I have never been in India, but I really want to go visit this ancient country, the pearl of Asia! I think that everyone should do this once in a lifetime


Does not work that way that life goes without ups and downs and eclipses. But if to learn how to perceive all this as a part of life cycles, as night replacing day and to spend forces not for prevention, but for learning lessons, then you start seeing any challenge as a new step to a victory, growth, recovery