Phenomenal person, although it is already a cliché. Rock musician, actor, tv presenter, writer, poet and artist, "chief marketing specialist of Russia" (as he calls himself), human and according to GQ “the musician of 2016”, additions are listed to the names of saints (sheet attached)
Лестница в небо или куда приводят мечты

Stairway to heaven or where your dreams take

He was born in the western part of azerbaijan, at the place of goycha mahali, and the parents were expecting him to be a musician. Although he has always tried to be serious, he was able to make people laugh better than anything. Today azerbaijani charlie – artist uzeir novruzov – lives in Las Vegas, climbs on the ladder to the sky and decorates “Guinness World Records book”, “Cirque du soleil” and “America's got talent”
Анита Кравос: грустный арлекин

Anita Kravos: sad harlequin

Italian actress Anita Kravos rarely plays in comedies, but just like her favorite Monica Vitti she can make laugh anyone. We asked her about her life in Russia, her role in Oscar-winning movie “The Great Beauty”, her roots and about the future of the Italian cinema during her stay in Baku


At the International Cannes Film Festival, we were lucky not only to see Aishwarya Rai in close proximity but also to have a heart-to-heart talk with her
Рамиз Абуталыбов: Свой среди чужих

Ramiz Abutalibov: Among Strangers

For many years he lived far from his native land, without breaking the umbilical cord with her for a moment, carefully collecting the lost pages of her history, giving the warmth and memory of their long lost homeland to the forced "defectors"
Нить повествования


Once upon a time, there was a boy in the world, and his name was Galib – “Winner”. He was born in a small mountainous country, in a village called Garajala, a year after the end of the civil war. Like many in the 90s, he dreamed of moving to the capital
Натали Портман – Superstar

Natalie Portman – Superstar

The taste of worldwide fame is familiar to her from 12 years, but she did not fall a victim of star dizziness even after quarter of the century of successful acting career
Теймур Садыхов: Алгоритм Успеха

Teymur Sadikhov: Algorithm of Success

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life" – said Confucius. These words suit our hero the best. In his 30 years he is considered as one of the most experienced world specialists on Autonomous Robotic Systems