Everything is stretchable!

Samira Vustafayeva is a world-class gymnast according to FIG. Represented the national team of Azerbaijan, and later was a member of Russian national team. After finishing sports career, Samira went into business – today she is the owner of popular chain of SM Stretching studios in Russian capital
В ритме танго

In the rhythm of tango

We talked about this emotional and beautiful dance with Cecilia Acosta – Argentinian, who speaks the language of tango. Cecilia came to Baku to give dancing classes within the festival


Just imagine: It appears that common rainwater, uselessly pouring billions of liters all over the world every day, may serve, as an excellent source of electric energy! Namely, with this purpose two Baku schoolgirls, Reyhan Jamalova and Zahra Gasymzade invented the device with an expressive name "Rainergy"
Соль Абшерона

The salt of Absheron

“Born by the Winds of Absheron”. Such comprehensive title was given to the exhibition of Azerbaijani artists, held with great success last summer in Erarta museum. Fazil Najafov’s sculptures sounded confidently like monumental accords among complex polyphony of picturesque paintings of “absheron school” representatives
Своя среди чужих, чужая среди своих

A friend among foes, a foe among friends

The actress with appearance and plasticity of Audrey Tautou and screen charm of Isabelle Huppert hides a strong character behind her external fragility. Let’s add here her eyes, hiding a message and special "nerve" or the drive – and you will get an impression of acting talent of Nasrin Javadzadeh