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Bianca Balti: “In Baku, I feel like at home”

The beginning 

The first question about numerous castings with a bad outcome at the dawn of a career causes smile to model – apparently, this is not the first time to hear. What should we do, great popularity is always accompanied by a considerable number of false rumors and myths   In this case Bianca is not an exception. "Allora (a magic adverb capable of replacing thousands of words), the model begins automatically - this is not entirely true. "At that time I didn’t have any special plans at all." Balti, like many celebrities, owes the beginning of her career to the occasion of meeting someone in a supermarket who brought Bianca to Bruno, president of the model agency Brave Model Management. He will discover feminine beauty in a rebel with a piercing and will reveal her beauty to the world. At the beginning of her career, she had heard more than once comments about the "typicality" of her appearance. Bianca is not surprised: “I agree, I do not have distinct features. But on the other hand, this is my success. Thanks to this “typicality”, there are so many advertising contracts on my account and I have been working in the segment for ten years, the model says with proud confidence. “I would rather name this a classic beauty.” Thanks to this “classic” Bianca repeatedly became the ambassador of various cosmetic brands, and also appeared on the covers of almost all famous publications.

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Dolce & Gabbana and family traditions

It’s no secret that the first and most successful advertising contract was with Dolce & Gabbana, which Bianca calls a dream come true. This played the most significant role in her development as a model: “As a teenager, as other I badly wanted something with the D & G label on it. I remember that I had a poster on my wall with Gisele Bundchen in the Dolce & Gabbana campaign. "In just a couple of years, Bianca, like Giselle at one time, will become the muse of the brand's designers, who do not get tired of calling her "the embodiment of Sicilian beauty." The model, in turn, is pride of the warm relationship with Domenico and Stefano and often notes how involved designers are in the process.

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In her own family, Bianca plays several roles at the same time: for Matilda’s daughter, she is a young mother, an older sister, and a friend. As a true Italian, with their incredible affection for children, the model calls the frequent trips the most difficult aspect of their work, as they long for their daughter. "I feel lonely without her, but at the same time I want her to realize that women should also work". Indeed, it is not a secret to anyone that the future attitude of a person to the world depends on how relationships with his/her mother proceeded in early childhood, and daughters often choose mother’s behavior model and form their own life scenario. Following the theme of family traditions, I immediately had a question: "Is your relationship somehow similar to those between you and your mother?" Our relationship with my daughter is similar to those that I have with my mother at the moment. But there is nothing to do with what I had in my childhood. "If there was a scene with a kiss on TV while watching movies, her mother immediately changed the channel or asked me to close my eyes, but have never used profanity in fear that I can repeat it. I have more open relationship with my daughter. Perhaps this is due to differences in generations, because times change, and so we do. But the most interesting thing is that mother learns a lot from my relationship with their daughters. A kind of cycle". In fact, the quick success in Balti’s career led not only to a change in attitudes towards kinship, but also to life in general. "I used to be a teenager enjoying carefree moments, and today I have to take a more responsible attitude to life planning: I have a daughter, a job, a house and, of course, money". The model modestly admits that with the last she still does not know how to manage.


New beauty standard, or lack of it

On the question of what the model of the twenty-first century should be, for comparison, Bianca cites as an example the period of the 90s, when ignorance of at least Naomi and Linda was considered out of the ordinary. The model does not see herself in these series, since she believes such a list no longer exists: "People no longer create idols from models, and the majority do not even consider it necessary to memorize their names." In fact, Bianca is one of the few models of Italian origin that has conquered world podiums. She sees the reason for success not only in appearance, but also in luck being at the right time in the right place. Her talents are not limited with beautiful catwalk and a captivating look from the covers of fashion publications: Bianca also has a role in the movie (Go Go Tales – "Tales of a strip club", 2007), where she played one of the main dancers of an erotic show. The film's director Abel Ferrara offered the role to Balti when she was expecting a child. "The shooting was planned for the entire three days. Therefore, it was not difficult for me." To continue the career of actress Bianca did not dare, because she believes that success in the film career requires not only talent, but also certain skills that she is not in a hurry to acquire due to lack of free time.


Future plans 

On the proposal to write an autobiography, the model laughs: "I’m sure if I do it once, I’m risking to shock everyone. I need to save a lot of interesting things to tell. And I have so many interesting moments that I can write an autobiography every 5 years. But to share career achievements, I think you need to wait a bit." From the answer to the question about plans after the end of her career, Bianca evades: "In fact, there are several ideas. But the Italians are very superstitious and rarely share their plans in fear that this may not happen. Chi vivra, vedra! (Will live – will see)."