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New Year's Eve at Boulevard Hotel Baku!

The most magical and awaited night of year is close. The year of yellow pig should be welcomed the right way. Wearing the best outfits – and the must be definitely new. Set the beautiful, rich table – it must be enough of everything, without mayo and bread, perhaps. Even better without bread: because how hard you wouldn’t ignore this fact, but the truth is, that after every New Year party comes the morning of 1st January and kilometers on the treadmill. But this is later, and now – spicy duck with oranges, red fish with potatoes right from the oven, shah-plov and kebab. Drinking it up with a fruit juice or even better - with fine red wine. Calling over close friends, laughing from the heart and dancing till the morning. And in the midnight making all your wishes and certainly watch the fireworks over the sea! This is our minimum program – so the next year would be as bright, delicious and joyful, and with beautiful, with happy people around, full of the highest hopes and expectations. New Year celebrated the right way just have to be rich and full of pleasant surprises, like Santa’s sack.  


And in order to get rid of making a playlist and shopping of groceries, when the pre-holiday time is the busiest time of the year, all the preparations can be trusted to specialists of Boulevard Hotel: they would definitely make this all work! All you have to do is smile brightly and make wishes, the rest is already taken care of.


In the holiday show of Boulevard Hotel will take part the Twenty Five band, Seyran Babayev, Natavan and many other performers; prize giveaways and bunch of other interesting surprises are expected.  At the end of celebration, the bearer of the ticket will get a 15% discount for a New Year stay in hotel with a late breakfast and check out at 16:00.

Hurry up, places are limited

Price: from 200 to 220 AZN

For children 0-6 years: for free

6-12 years: 50% of the full price

Tickets are non-returnable from 20 December

For reservation please call the numbers:

012 310 0010 / 050 229 2228