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Special project


The secret of successful women lies in their creativity, in the way they juggle their time to make it and how they find thousands of opportunities and invent a hundred ways to achieve their goals. They weight each word, value people and know the importance of always staying in form. They are #SMARTWOMEN – and they choose the best for themselves.

For a successful person in the big city, with its network of acquaintances and series of strategic decisions, one of the most important aspects is a gadget with help of which you can go through fire and water!
Heroines of the final video of the Nargis x Samsung co-project are artist Tamilla Gasanova (@tamillaart), food blogger Ila Mamedova (@ilyamamedova), fashion designer Nigar Alizadeh (, fashion-blogger Jamila Alekberova (@jvmilya), beauty blogger Lala Akhmedova (@eh_laleh) and yoga instructor Sabina Shahi (@sabishahi).