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Editor's diary

Creating By Heart

I tend to have a hard time making food by recipes from a cookbook – I really love to improvise. I enjoy crafting dishes from my imagination, from my soul.

Firstly, I don’t always have all the required ingredients, so I’m very good at replacing or completely removing some products from the dish – thus creating something special. Besides, I don’t like measuring anything really. What is measuring anyway? And, how dare we have the power to measure anything in life?

I’m not fond of numbers in a way how often people use them, and how much power it’s given in my world is not an exception. Despite owning digital scales and measuring cups, believe it or not, I’ve never used them. Measurements pull me back into reality, but I prefer my world where everything is guided by my inner voice, love, and passion.

Honesty is my power.

Ulviyya Mahmud,