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A gift from above

Believe it or not, each person has at least one gift that he may not even know about. The question of whether it is given by God or a person has a strong connection with space remains open, but I think we receive any unexplained power from the Most High, only He opens space channels to us. We know the exact answer to some questions, without any evidence for it – this is the gift of strong intuition. But we'll return to it later.

It is often easier for us not to do anything, but just complain about fate, the weather, about neighbors, about our boss, about husband/wife and even sometimes about children – about everyone but ourselves... By doing so, we are destroying our good fortune, our energy and hidden potential by discouraging the opportunities that are being revealed right in front of us. And we do not see our gift, our way to contribute to this world.

Pay attention to the small things in yourself – the key to success is laid in these things. For example, everyday work that you can do over and over with love without getting tired. If you are doing something that does not bother you, and at the same time your eyes continue to sparkle – most likely, this is your talent!

Be brave! Even when you do the most routine work, try to make the solution of your task more perfect. Try to do not only what is required, but sometimes what no one expects of you – this will pleasantly surprise yourself and your superiors. This will help you reveal your talent, recognize your God's gift. Even if this is the opposite of what you are doing at the moment, you will still come a step closer to your true, great "I."

By properly managing your mind, capabilities, and time, you will prove your genius to yourself and to the world! The main thing is to let go of stereotypes and to stop lurking to your "neighbor".
Every person on Earth is not just a physical structure, but something more, much more complex. People on this planet have a whole universe of superpowers that they do not even suspect of. The most common and most often underestimated one is intuition. Intuition is what you will definitely need in any individual ability and in any life situation. Develop it, do not avoid your "third eye"!

Ulviyya Mahmudova,