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Force of Love: part 2

Spring festival "Force of Love" will be held in Baku

The "Force of Love" festival will be held at the art space Space____________13 from 24 to 26 May. The festival is held for the second year in a row and is a large-scale artisan market where various works of art, books, photographs, vintage jewellery, vinyl records, home and beauty products, food corners, clothes, vintage bags and much more will be presented.

Visiting the festival on 24 and 25 May, residents and guests of our city will be able to buy unusual gifts, join open bachata dance classes, enjoy fantastic music and cuisine and create an unforgettable experience. They can also join their children and friends in masterclasses on coffee art, acrylic painting, ceramics, plate painting, floristry, decorative arts, robotics, soap making, table setting and perfume masterclass. Most of them will be held on a free basis.
The festival is social in nature, its main goal is to give people the opportunity to get together with family and friends, to connect and create something together, to have fun and spend quality time together with children.

On 26 May, the artistic part of the event will be held. At 19:00 there will be a performance of famous stand-up comics - scriptwriter of "Comedy Club", "HB", "Nasha Rasha" projects, author of KVN team "Bakılı Oğlanlar” Javid Gurbanov and director, scriptwriter, writer, editor, participant of the club of connoisseurs "What? Where? When?" Roman Orkodashvili.

Within the framework of the festival, the Centre for Development of Cultural and Creative Industries under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is the main supporter of the event, invites everyone to turn their dreams into reality and demonstrate their talents in the fields of music, dance, theatre, humour, design, architecture, fashion art, craftsmanship and fine arts, cinema, video, photo, literature, publishing, television, radio and advertising, games and creative technologies.

The festival will be bright, interactive and memorable. The guests will get a lot of bright emotions and impressions. We are waiting for you all!

Entrance to the festival is free on 24 and 25 May.
To attend the event on 26 May, you can purchase tickets at



24 May
- painting on canvas (outside)
- soap making and decorating masterclass (inside)
- robotics (inside)

- pottery masterclass (outside)
- eco bag design masterclass (outside)
- perfume making masterclass (inside)

- tea assembly masterclass (inside)
- table decoration masterclass (inside)
- flower planting masterclass (outside)

- zumba dancing (outside)

25 May
- stretching (outside)

- coffee painting masterclass (outside)
- paper doll design masterclass (outside)

- plate painting (outside)
- Still Drawing by Ulviyya Mahmud masterclass (outside)
- tea masterclass (inside)

- Glass painting and stained glass masterclass (outside)
- Ecology-themed "Zero Waste" masterclass by Firuza Sultan-zadeh (outside)
- Graffiti T-shirt masterclass by Becausenever (outside)

- bachata dancing (outside)

A daily programme awaits you during the festival:

- Face Art (outside)
- Cultech by Yaradici (inside)
- Caricature Drawing (outside)
- Reyhan's Sketching Masterclass (inside)
- Animation by Yaradıcı (inside)
- Digital Fashion with Ahmed Nabiyev
Anic8nic/NotAboutButa, and Atide brand by Yaradıcı (inside)
- The Juggler (outside)
- Gamebuzz Board Games (outside)
- Guitar Playing (outside)
- Gametech by Yaradıcı (inside)
- Photo Exhibition (inside)
- Fortune-telling (inside)