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Heatless Curls

...When Aesthetic Meets Self-Care

We’ve been loving the focus on self-care and non-damaging products in the beauty world, but a personal favourite is the heatless curls trend.

If you haven’t seen or heard of it, (uh… where have you been?!), here’s the gist of it:

A simple, five-minute method using (mostly) things you've probably got around the house. You wrap your hair, sleep on it, and wake up with bouncy, natural-looking hair with minimal effort and no heat damage.

Here’s a list of most popular heatless curl methods and our personal ratings:

Leggings method
Difficulty: 5/10
Result: 6/10

Sock method
Difficulty: 6/10
Result: 8/10

Robe method
Difficulty: 4/10
Result: 6/10

Scrunchie method
Difficulty: 3/10
Result: 7/10

Satin curler
Difficulty: 7/10
Result: 9/10

Personal favourite: Scrunchie!

SO comfortable to sleep in and the result is very satisfying. Try out different methods and see which one works best for you!

Of course, using a good volumizing mousse, leave in conditioner and hair oil will guarantee extra shine, volume and longevity to your curls.

Stay beautiful and healthy!