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Editor's diary

Keep a little fire burning

As a child, fire fascinated me. Every year on Nowruz holiday, I asked my parents to start a small bonfire so that my sister and I could jump over it. I experimented with it as best I could. And I burned my fingers so many times...

I don't think I'm the only one. Probably every child has this curiosity, craving for fire and the desire to touch it, play with it. But why?

I can listen for hours to the crack of a burning fire, watch how firewood is charred, how beautiful red patterns form on them. It soothes and immerses me in a kind of trance, in a world where I easily find answers to all my questions and a way out of any deadlocks.

When you look at the fire, your blood pressure decreases, you relax. Proximity to the fire contributes to prosocial behavior, not without reason, people often start deep, meaningful conversations near the fireplace.

Fire is kindness, but you need to be able to maintain a balance: a lot of good can turn against yourself. Do not try to master the fire, lose to it. Just admire and listen - this is enough to get yours.
Watching the fire burn... I feel like I could do it all my life!

Ulviyya Mahmudova,