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I love you, Sea!

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"Time, like the sea, unties all knots"

Iris Murdoch


When I come to the sea, it heals me. I understand my real goals and desires near it, and the waves seem to take with me all my doubts, all the negative thoughts and experiences that have gathered in a day or a year... I feel its love for myself – in its waves and in the warm sand under my feet. When I stare at the horizon, at the infinity, it beckons me, and my feelings and mind also lose the boundaries... It's impossible to describe this state with words! This can be experienced first and only then understood. I adore these sensations! What a shame that they disappear as soon as I get back home to reality. I like to watch crabs rushing to the sea, as if running away from all their troubles, just to go with the flow. Maybe this is the most accurate philosophy of life?..
All our significance melts down in front of the sea – here, on this sandy beach, you are nothing more than a grain of sand, and what problems or anxieties sand can have?! The sea does not care what you have achieved in life, the sea loves everyone equally, although it can easily kill any of us. Whatever happens to you - triumph, disaster – the sea teaches that all our experiences mean nothing: victory is just a victory, and it is best to just keep on swimming along the flow of life.
I love this vast space. I love the peaceful sound of the waves, I like to catch crabs, and let them go after, I love shells. I love the cold wind, and the waves crashing against the rocks and burning sand... I love you, sea!

P.S. There's something magical about lighthouses. As a child, when I saw a lighthouse, I always wanted to take a picture of it. And now that I've grown up, my love for lighthouses remains the same. A lighthouse is not just a stone, a brick or metal: each of them has its own, unique life story, like a person. If you love the sea, be sure to go up to the lighthouse and just stand there for a while. It's very relaxing. No wonder the lighthouse is a symbol of hope, salvation, help, overcoming obstacles... It points the right way, which you just need to see. That's why I'm so madly in love with lighthouses!

Ulviyya Makhmudova,