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From a very young age, I, Nara Aghayeva, have been interested in fashion. As a little girl, I had daily styling sessions in my mom’s wardrobe. Now, I am a fashion designer who creates for others and myself. After earning my degree in fashion design at Istituto Marangoni London and working with many designers, I developed a keen interest in jewellery making. Jewellery is such an important aspect of my style that I can’t leave the house without a piece of it.

It makes me feel very elegant and like myself. It all started with creating necklaces for myself, and now I have the goal of creating a jewellery brand called “Matylok” that fully represents me and my style. “Matylok” translates from Russian as moth, a night butterfly that has less desirable appearance and is less pretty to the human eye. The idea behind “Matylok” is to create beautiful jewellery while juxtaposing something pretty with something not necessarily appealing. This philosophy is also what I apply when dressing myself, creating outfits by mixing clothes that you wouldn’t initially think to go together.

When I first moved to London, I felt very independent and free to experiment with my style. I wore the craziest, most colourful outfits. Over the years, I have fully developed my style and now prioritise feeling comfortable in what I wear. I would describe my style as “Chic and Sporty.” I love combining these styles and making them feel like me with some touch of styling elements. Overall, dressing up is a fun activity for me. It makes me feel like that little happy girl in her mom’s wardrobe.

Photo: YAGIZ YESILKAYA Total look NO TYPE, bag LES BENJAMINS, handbag chain MATYLOK, shoes ZARA, sunglasses vintage

T-shirt SUPREME, jacket DIESEL, skirt NO TYPE, sunglasses vintage

Bra LA PERLA, skirt vintage, stockings CALZEDONIA, t-shirt SUPREME, shoes ZARA, necklaces MATYLOK and SWAROVSKI

Shirt vintage, jacket VIA VESPUCCI, trousers ZARA, necklace MATYLOK, sunglasses JULBO EYEWEAR