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Life Balance

It is the main challenge in the modern world. Our life consists of many aspects: family, friends, work, education, recreation, entertainment, etc. Each is very important to us in its own way, and it’s natural for a human to want to succeed in each of them. We all want to achieve
what’s important to us. We want to have fun and a job with a good income, create a strong family, have loyal friends, love and be loved, have good health, look attractive, and travel

the world. This is where the problem occurs. Why? What often happens is that by concentrating on one issue, we lose sight of the rest. Having set the goal of financial well-being, we work tirelessly, forgetting about health and a family, or just forgetting how to have fun and relax. Some of us dream about having a big family and forget to pay attention to self-realization. We should always remind ourselves to work on harmony within, find balance, let it go, start feeling yourself inside, and understand when to stop and when to start. Let’s always
remember that none of us can be happy just by being rich and successful, partying non-stop, or having a big family but no life goal. Developing a harmonious personality is not easy, but it will lead to a well-balanced life. So how do we get there?

Looking good, having a fit body, a good metabolism, and good health are all indicators of a balanced life.
When we have a goal (dream), we unconsciously move towards success using our best talents, willpower, and strength.
People that we surround ourselves with play a very important role. We feel more confident and sound when there is sincere love and support.

Therefore to find balance and success, you must be surrounded by the right people, it doesn’t matter if they are from work, within a family, or just travel buddies. Life is filled with emotions and feelings that pass through people around us.

So, how do we reach balance in all of these areas of our life? How to find a balance between work and family? How to lead a healthy lifestyle in a world where every minute counts and when 24 hours is not enough anymore? How not to get lost on the way to a dream when new inner worries and problems are constantly distracting?

Here are my very simple tips
(thank me later):

1. Set goals.
2. Surround yourself with people you feel good with and who
genuinely support and believe in you. People who you could
look up to are the most important ones.
3. Learn to say “No”.
4. Do sport at least twice a week (40 minutes will do the job).
5. Have a healthy balanced diet.
6. Spend time alone for your thoughts to connect with your
inner self (40 minutes a day).
7. Travel to a place you have never been to once a year.
8. Think positively.
9. Walk 10 thousand steps a day (not on the treadmill).
10. Start now! Choose one tip from above
and implement it this week.
11. Read book.
12. Learn to plan.

Ulviyya Mahmud,