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The year of Metal Rat, 2020, according to the Chinese calendar will come only on January 25, and whole of China will celebrate the arrival of the new year, which is 4718th on by Eastern calendar. Like us, the residents of the Celestial Empire will gather the whole family around richly set tables and light the night with fireworks and firecrackers. And then they will head to congratulate relatives and friends.

The Chinese New Year came to Azerbaijan a little earlier. The Azerbaijani National Carpet Museum, together with the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Azerbaijan, opened an exhibition of works by Chinese photographers and launched a series of master classes dedicated to the Chinese art of paper cutting – Jianzhi, macrame weaving in special Chinese technology, holding a traditional tea ceremony, making holiday lanterns and so on. From January 10 to January 18, everyone will be able to join the ancient culture of China by visiting master classes at the Carpet Museum and learning from teachers of the Confucius Institute in Baku. Volunteering students will translate from Chinese. We remind that 2020 was declared the "Year of Volunteers" by the order of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev.

On January 9, took place a grand opening of the exhibition. The most visited museum of the country was hung by red Chinese lanterns and sounds of the Chinese flute were coming on the ground floor. Guests enjoyed Chinese cuisine and got acquainted with the ancient arts of the East.