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‘Classics Reborn’ is a fresh new take on a classic by Tommy Hilfiger

“Classics never go out of style,” states the designer. “This collection is about a modernization and reinterpretation of preparation, finding new ways to keep timeless styles fresh. Reinvention is a constant source of excitement for me.”

3 talented young ladies took part in this campaign. This time, the choice fell on brave and creative bloggers who keep up with the times, even get ahead of it, and can set the trends. All of them are different, but they are all united by one thing - an endless love of fashion.

Kamala Piriyeva (@kamalapiriyeva) young actress, presenter, style icon: “Nothing reflects the inner world of a person better than their clothes. I always look stylish and fashionable with Tommy Hilfiger. I love combining a classic white shirt with jeans and a classic blazer. It’s always a winning option. Grassy green is on trend this season and can be surely complemented with white details."

Jamilya Salam (@jvmilya), fashion blogger, designer: “Clothes are an inspiration for me. I love to mix, match, and reveal the facets of personality. The new ‘Classics Reborn’ collection is a real find for me. I enjoy adding a bright detail for a perfect look, for example, a bright raincoat.

Fidan Rimazi-Aliyeva (@frimazi), fashion blogger: “I have a personal style. I prefer mixing classic style with sporty pieces, and all these I could find in Tommy Hilfiger's new collection. What type of clothes do I like to wear? –Well, I prefer trousers! And the flared trousers from the Tommy’s collection can be perfectly combined with everything: a sweatshirt, a jacket, a cardigan. A look for all seasons and very stylish."

Visit the brand’s stores in "Ganjlik Mall" and "Park Bulvar" shopping centers and discover the new Tommy Hilfiger collection!