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Special project

NARGIS x Samsung: Date Night

NARGIS publishing house and Samsung implemented their 4th joint project Date Night, which is aimed to reveal the beauty of women from different parts of the Earth and open the veil of mystery – how men see representatives of the beautiful half of mankind at the first date. The main ideological inspiration of the project Ulviyya Mahmudova tried to solve this difficult task with the help of the smartphone Galaxy S20 Ultra. On the 20 photos that she captured, the model Rashida Suleymanova was transformed into colorful images. Transformation was achieved thanks to makeup, which clearly shows how it changes a woman's look, and skillfully selected attributes helped to recreate the authentic atmosphere. The plot in each photo is the same – a young lady on a date. The first meeting. Acquaintance. But how does a man see her? What is it like – the effect of the first impression?