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Colored life

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Human face always reflects his inner world, and it is wrong to think that thought is deprived of color
Victor Marie Hugo

In my childhood, my dad often bought me a kaleidoscope. I could look in it for hours, slowing down the movement of my hands to see the transition from one pattern to another. And every time I thought:
"How beautiful it is! But this is even more beautiful... no, now it's more beautiful...".
Now, having become older, I realize how all this perfectly symbolizes life. Each age has its own beauty and its own features, and it is hard to say what age was better. I really appreciate each of them in my own way and in each I was happy in differently.
Life consists of exciting, fun and sad moments, painful, heartbreaking experiences and spiritual breakthroughs, amazing opportunities and incredible adventures, happiness, sadness and many more bright pieces and emotions. Just like in a kaleidoscope...
All these bright glasses are nothing more than pieces of our lives, and only together they form a colorful and unique general picture. No one should copy it from another, no one should impose their own rules: only we ourselves are the creators of our masterpiece. Yes, life is God's gift, art, and it’s only in our power to make a masterpiece out of it. Everyone has their own formula of life. As not a single pattern is repeated, there are also no two identical lives - this is what life is beautiful for. Accept yourself as you are. Everyone is perfect in their own way, with all their imperfections, pros and cons, you just need to learn how to accept them.
Moments are fleeting. And it is necessary to try to be present every day, every moment here and now, to have time to deeply inhale all the flavors of life, see all its colors, all the brightness before it disappears forever.
The more we look at the patterns of the kaleidoscope, the more beauty we discover in ourselves and in every life situation through which fate has and will yet guide us. Create, love, appreciate.

Ulviyya Mahmudova,