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Two sides of the mysterious number 13

Мany people believe that this number has bad luck due to Friday the 13th, but let me make it clear, it actually has a lot of positive energy!

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The sacred number 13 is considered highly karmic and is associated with the divine. It's said to bring good luck and prosperity to those who embrace it – those who can deal with strong power and have faith. Due to 1 and 3 being root numbers, but the number of the ascended masters is 1. This number has the ability to create a new ground, a new beginning with no fear. 13 is also regarded as a feminine number, therefore, it’s a symbol of change, love, and new beginnings.

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It is often believed that 13 is a bad number, although there were exactly 13 apostles. The number 13, the meaning of which is generally associated with black magic, does not always have a negative meaning. In numerology, this is the personification of the human soul, which seeks to understand love. In Christianity, it is a symbol of the Universe. I recommend you not to fight the influence of the number 13 – there is no escape from it. Instead, focus on the bright side, take advantage of the situation, and make this number your friend.

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