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Under the spell of the beat

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Never thought that DJs could have such an effect on my mood. Since I was a child, I have always loved to dance as it was my getaway, my passion, and part of my life. I cannot imagine a day without dancing, it doesn’t matter where I dance: in a club, at home in front of the mirror, at dance school, or at a party. When I dance, I forget about people around me, my problems, and my thoughts – my emotions just flow with the rhythm. I lose control over my body. I let everything go when I dance and that’s when the real magic hits. I can find a solution to every problem after a good two-hour dance. Not sure if it is possible, but this is absolutely true. So, DJs make a great impact on my life :)

A DJ with good taste and an emotional connection with people make the audience discover artists they haven't heard before and explore different beats they didn’t know can be combined. Cool music is what we are all looking for to get away from life's routine.

Everyone can be a DJ, but it takes a lot of practice to become a good one. It is necessary not only to put songs one after another but to choose them in a way to match the time, place, and general mood of the audience to keep people dancing. Perfect DJs rely on their intuition and prepare only an approximate list of tracks, and if something goes wrong, they get out of it so well that we (people looking for happiness) don’t realise it and are still under the spell of music and our body.

I’ve always thought that professions such as chefs, gardeners and DJs should be much more appreciated. Before leaving the flower shop, restaurant or a club, we should all thank the magicians for giving us happiness. They serve happy emotions; who could be more powerful than them?

Ulviyya Mahmud,